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BCV will reach every NEW residents, the first month that they move into the area.
At less than 2 cents per delivery, BCV low cost should fit in your marketing plan.
BCV allows monthly optimum flexibility it ad changes
BCV offers flexibility to communicate your message to 10,000 residents, in the intimacy of their homes, per issue, up to 90,000 homes
BCV offers specific GEO/neighborhood targeting zones at no additional cost.
We divide the Lakeland area into 9 zones, 10,000 distributions per zone.
We offer the most competitive pricing in our market, less than 2 cents per delivered household.
Front cover promotion gives your business up-front visibility, 9 covers opportunities per month.
Each zone is localized to the neighborhood it is mailed to.
As an additional bonus, Best Community Values customers ads uploaded to to easily print or share on social media sites. Call 863-529-7392