What is a "Premium Member" and How Do I Sign up?

A Premium member is any member of the Lakeland Business Leaders Forum - Facebook group (found here: http://www.facebook.com/groups/GoLBL) who has paid an annual membership fee to be included as a featured business on LakelandConnection.com 


So, we get a listing, what else?


In addition to the directory listing on Lakeland Connection, premium members will enjoy these additional benefits: 

Only Premium Members enjoy the benefit of promoting their business, their event or their specials within the Facebook group. Those who are not premium members who promote their business without upgrading will be advised of this policy. If they continue, links/posts will be removed and if the promotion continues, the person will be removed from the group.

Note: Advertising Opportunities affiliated with the Lakeland Business Leaders through Lakeland Connection will ONLY be available to Premium Members.


I am a bigger company; do you have anything for more than 1-2 people?


YES! Our Corporate Membership includes everything above, but with these upgrades!
All of the benefits listed above...

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