Scenario: You're working at your desk, focusing on the latest reports, or you're out on a call, attending to a customer. Your phone starts sending your notifications. But you're in the zone and you can't stop to look. You take care of your customer, wrap up the reports and decide to take a stretch break.

Your phone rings. It's the office line. It's a business call. You answer the phone and the conversation goes like this:

YOU: Hello, XYX Company
PROSPECT: Hi! I am looking for a company that does _____________ (fill in the blank with your business services), and I posted in the LBL group. 5 different people recommended you and I am calling to have you _________________________. How quickly can you schedule me in?
YOU: Wow! That's great! I am not sure what LBL is, but I am glad you called!  This sounds like a great project! Do you want to talk about the prices? Need me to quote the job?
PROSPECT: Nope! Everyone who recommended you in LBL says you're awesome and that's enough for me! 

YOU: Well, cool!  We can probably turn that around for you in 48 hours. I will need to get some information from you first. But we can have a rep to your house as early as 9:00 on Friday!
PROSPECT: Perfect!  I am off work on Friday and was hoping to have it done then. That is AWESOME!  

So, you just got a customer from something called "LBL" and you don't even know what that is! These kinds of jobs usually take months to close, even with a targeted lead that you've been nurturing! This is awesome, Right?  

You check your phone and see that several of your friends have tagged you in a conversation in a group you somehow joined on Facebook called Lakeland Business Leaders Group.  You're not sure when that happened, but when you read the comments, you realize this is the LBL that your newest customer was talking about. 

WOW! A free lead!  You've just secured a job for ________ and you didn't really have to do a thing - except have really caring, considerate friends who know what kind of awesome work you do! You send one of them a message... and find out that LBL is an online networking group that is committed to bringing small businesses in Lakeland together for the benefit of the entire community. Huh?  Who does stuff like this?  You're used to paying $75 per lead (and most of them don't pan out too well!)  Your friend sends you a link to the benefits of this Lakeland Business Leaders group "Premium Membership" and you discover that these people get together every week for breakfast and lunch! So, it's not just about online stuff! (Good, you're not a big fan of FB anyway... you're just on it to keep up with your grandkids!)  You know the value of relationships and figure you can really benefit from getting out of the office occasionally to do some networking!  

You scroll down the page and see the investment is $97 a YEAR for this new lead generation system. Heck, you've just gotten a deal that would pay for this membership 5 times over!  You decide to join because, after all, someone else is working hard to make this group happen! And you feel like you should thank someone for getting you this awesome opportunity! 


You are NOW a...