Is your Business Listed?

Most of you have heard that we've completely revamped the Lakeland Connection website! We have heard great feedback from everyone who has gone through the process of claiming their listing! This is your directory. It's essential that you claim your listing, and add your own photos, details and additional information (keywords, descriptions and categories).

When someone is looking for Premium Members, this is where they will go! And where we will be sending folks who are asking for referrals in the Forum! If you're not there, no one knows you're a Premium Member!

We want you to get the exposure your business deserves, so please do not delay in claiming your listing!

Note:  Everyone will be creating a new account.  Your account details and password were NOT converted to the new site!  

Step by Step Instructions:

1. Visit - search for your business.
2. If you were listed on the old version of LC, you should find your listing by searching.

3. Click on your listing, then click "Claim your listing" and CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT! - DO NOT go to the Login/Signup link at the top of the page. This is for visitors....

If you are NOT listed:
We need YOU to add your information!  We'd love to do this for you, but in order for your business to be described and the services you offer to be accurate - this must be done by you or someone at your business!

Simply go to - select your membership level, create an account and fill in the details of your business!

Questions? Don't hesitate to ask!