Leadercast Unplugged: Donald Miller


Donald Miller writes in a recent blog, “As business leaders, we often get so focused on our businesses that we forget to step back and see things from our customers’ perspective. We’re wrapped up in nuanced questions of logistics, market positioning, hiring, and finances. “But we often forget to simply ask, ‘Do people understand what we do?’ As a result, our potential customers walk away confused and unengaged. When we learn how to communicate simply and clearly, we stop confusing our customers and start connecting with them." And here’s the key to truly connecting that Donald knows and shares: everyone has a story, and everyone’s story (when told with clarity) has the power to change someone else’s life. Lunch will not be provided at this event, however, you are welcome to bring your lunch and eat there while we learn

Fri July 21, 2017 12:00 pm To: Fri - July 21, 2017
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