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BOOKendS uSed BOOKS was established in November of 2000. We have now been in business for 15 YEARS!!!!! We have 1200 sq. feet of approximately 100,000 BOOKS available in almost every known category. We are mostly known for carrying paperbacks, but have a huge selection of hardcovers as well. The average price of a paperback is half of the suggested retail and a hardcover normally costs 1/4 of the suggested retail. However, all books are individually priced. We give trade allowance for almost any book. Customers receive UP TO 1/4 of the original cover price as a trade allowance. (You will receive approximately half of what the book will be resold for, in trade allowance). Then the Trade allowance can be used toward UP TO 50% of your purchase. *****Trade allowance can NOT be uSed toward CLASSICS.*******

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5100 U.S. Hwy 98 N
Lakeland, Florida 33809
United States

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