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Each family is an “organization” that runs based on a chosen set of values and beliefs, and strives to help each other thrive. Music Connections is my heartfelt way of creating an extended “family” for all of us, as we learn, strive, and thrive together. Through the JOY of CREATIVE PROCESSES, like music… and parenting, we become ENGAGED active learners, NURTURING each other along the way, continually DEVELOPING our best selves, and making CONNECTIONS that last a lifetime. Kindermusik International's creative team follows the most recent research to make sure ALL the curriculum and materials they create the BEST opportunities for two MAJOR goals: MUSIC EDUCATION - Laying a foundation for a lifelong love of music and nurturing the abilities of each young musician in just the right way at each age are keystones of Kindermusik. WHOLE CHILD DEVELOPMENT - Music stimulates the brain in a way that no other learning experience can. When joyfully engaged in music, multiple areas of the brain are activated at once, and can open up opportunities in all areas of development. As a Maestro level Kindermusik Educator since 1998, I recognize that my role is to create a way that supports both child and parent in using this magical tool that is music. Gradually, together, we learn how to use the process of music to meet the needs of each unique child, allowing each to thrive and make progress toward their full potential. ... Parents too ! In each of us, there is a way to find that MUSIC can be our SUPER POWER ! MUSIC CONNECTIONS happen here.

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1736 New Jersey Rd
Lakeland, Florida 33809
United States

Our Kindermusik room, and waiting room are in a building around the back of the Lakeside Baptist Complex. Signs out front are prohibited by the city, but there are plenty of signs for guidance once in the back parking lot.

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